Friday, October 04, 2013

The returning

It’s been a long time coming but it sounds as though the new director of the Govett-Brewster has been selected. So who is it you ask? Back in July we suggested that the frontrunner was curator Simon Rees. And Bingo! Simon it is. This will be a return engagement for Rees at the Govett-Brewster. He was appointed a curator in 2002 when Greg Burke was director.

Rees is 39 and currently heads museum management, curatorial development, and fundraising at MAK in Vienna. You can bet that magic word fundraising had the appointment committee salivating. The construction and development of the Len Lye Centre will occupy much of the new director’s time and raising money is likely to be central to the job. 

Want to know how Simon thinks? There is a 2011 talk on YouTube here. We understand Rees will probably start the job (left vacant when Rhana Devenport - who was on the selection panel - became director of the Auckland Art Gallery) early next year.