Monday, October 07, 2013

One day in Te Papa Press

Publisher: It’s a great idea and a great manuscript but I’m not so sure about the title.

Editor: How do you mean?

P: Well…I don’t know… 99 Amazing Tales from Aotearoa. It feels like there's something missing.

E: I’ve got an idea.

P: What?

E: How about another amazing tale?

P: How do you mean?

E: Well, with another tale we could call it 100 Amazing Tales!

P: That's inspired. But do you have another tale?

E: As it happens I do. And it is the most incredible tale of all. Frame detective.

P: Go on...

E: OK, it turns out the guy who is in charge of frames found this old frame in the back of the store.

P: Unbelievable.

E: It gets better. He thinks ‘what was this frame for?”

P: But he’s the frame detective right, I bet he figures it out.

E: He sure does. He turns the frame around and on the front glued to the front of the frame is a label with the title of a painting.

P: Incredible… and?

E: He digs deep and puts two plus two together. Four! This has got to be the name of the painting that belongs to the frame.

P: Frame detective!

E: Exactly.

P: Awesome story. Incredible detective work. We should put it in the book.

And they did