Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Drawn in

What sort karma are we talking about here? At the very moment life drawing has all but left the art schools, it's been picked up by the hen party and corporate team building crowd. At it’s all champagne and charcoal as packs of women - almost exclusively by the look of it although female models are also available (‘prices on our web site') - stare intently at the nude male model, sip, sip and put down a few broad outlines to get their drawing underway. Presumably the ‘lead in your pencil’ joke gets over-used. There are also opportunities to be photographed with the model - ‘sit on his lap, I dare you’ - or group shots with the b to b coyly resting her hand on the modelled bum.

'This was our wild card at Retreat and everyone was just blown away,' claims one of the testimonials inadvertently doubling an entendre. 'When you have to arrange a bonding session for ladies in your office,' advises another, 'this activity certainly sorts out the drawers from the lookers real quick!'
We have seen the future and it is life drawing.

Image: top, Pick a pose advertise and bottom, (sorry, couldn’t help ourselves) some LD action in Wellington