Monday, October 14, 2013


We’ve posted last year about Neil Dawson’s significant participation in the famous 1989 Pompidou exhibition Magicians of the world. We remember Neil coming home after his trip to Paris to install the work exhilarated but exhausted. The exhibition closed in due course and apart from the odd New Zealander who had spotted Globe hanging above the square in front of the Centre Pompidou, it was tough to tell who had noticed it.

Yesterday in Tokyo of all places we found evidence that on at least one day there had been a big crowd enthralled by the work and at least one focused observer, Daido Moriyama one of Japan’s most acclaimed photographers. Walking into the final day of his exhibition Paris + we saw a series of images he had taken in Paris and there, two along from the left, was a portrait of Globe suspended in front of the iconic architecture of the Pompidou. A skim of the catalogue brought up another shot taken at the same time, this one of people gazing up at Globe.

Images: top, the promo for Daido Moriyama’s exhibition at NADiff in Tokyo. Middle, a view of the exhibition. Bottom, an image from the publication Paris + of the crowd looking up at Neil Dawson’s Globe