Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Hans on

What goes on in the mind of an art curator? #longpause. Now thanks to the publishers Badlands Unlimited we will be able to take a look into at least one curatorial mind: that of Serpentine co-director and the most energetic and prolific curator in the world (perhaps ever as he claims authorship of around 250 exhibitions) Hans-Ulrich Obrist. The book Think like a cloud will include over 200 examples from 22 years of Obrist’s obsessive doodling and demo the process he has described as “constantly oscillating between order and disorder”.

In contrast, when we were on the search for records of curatorial processes (drawings of exhibition set ups, lists of artists, photos of models and the installation process, etc) we found the cupboard pretty bare in NZ. Obrist is the ultimate hoarder of information and you can see from the illustration that he is not afraid to play fast and loose with his ideas. Think like a cloud will be published this year.

Click on the image to get the full on Obrist effect