Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Walters Prize Rules OK

 Some things you may not know about the Walters Prize:

 The selection panel must be convinced that all finalists have made "an outstanding contribution" to contemporary visual art in New Zealand.

The finalists and winner do not have to be New Zealand born or live in New Zealand.

The selection of a finalist can be made on the basis of a single work within a group exhibition.The work or body of work does not have to have been exhibited in New Zealand.

The final judge who selects the winner of the prize from the finalists can be a New Zealander.

If the work is not created in New Zealand it must be a response to the artist’s experience within New Zealand.

The names of the jury of selectors are kept confidential until the finalists are announced so they can retain their ‘critical independence and freedom to act’.

You can read the text of the relevant rules here