Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Oh Ye of little faith

An email survey organised by the people at SCAPE will send a chill into the heart of any artist who receives it. Looks like it is managed by an outfit called Shannon’s Way whose web page features a lot of photos looking down at people. Their “bottom line” is “behaviour change”. You get the picture. The other picture you will get if you take the survey is that SCAPE is gearing up to Te Paparise. 

Take question 30 We are thinking of holding other relevant activities around SCAPE, what do you think would make it more exciting? Amongst the possible answers are: a SCAPE-branded photo booth where I can take photos with my friends/families; Activities that kids can actively participate in; Artwork tour challenge similar to ‘Amazing Race’ format (i.e. clues that I can de-code as I race from one artwork to another); People’s Choice Awards (voting on my favourite artwork) and Personalised tours of SCAPE and the city led by a celebrity. 

And question 31 Which of the following messages do you like most or you can relate to the most? ESCAPE to SCAPE – it’s art. it’s fun. it’s free; ESCAPE to SCAPE – kids, take the oldies; ESCAPE to SCAPE – you only need an hour; ESCAPE to SCAPE – you’ll be surprised.

At least any artist who signs up for SCAPE knows exactly what they’re in for.