Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Badge of honour

To get advance notice of important art news that is being kept under wraps (usually because of the timing of a media release), OTN has been offering lavishly hand-crafted gifts. We are delighted to announce that the 42 OTN caps we produced have now all been sent out to reward informants both in New Zealand and abroad.

To keep up the flow of information we have commissioned a new OTN product: the OTN Animal Art badge. Designed by OTN favourites Stimulus/Response (based on OTN animal art star Chola the painting horse) and created by master craftspeople here in Wellington, the OTNAAB will be an honour to be awarded and a pleasure to wear.

So, as we say at OTN, OTY.

Image: From top left to right. Original design by S/R, the machine used to create the metal template, master stamp, blank ready for enameling, badges awaiting attachments, badge worn discretely behind a lapel, badge on display