Tuesday, April 06, 2010

And baby makes three

More hot news on big sculpture from OTN. Not to be outdone by the big-French-gift-with-a-torch that stands in New York’s harbour, the Senegalese have just unveiled a 49-metre copper statue. It was made in North Korea and has an alarming likeness to Wellington’s Kupe-by-the-water work. The Senegal job cost a serious $NZ 40 million but no sooner did the covers come off than there was an outcry against the female figure showing too much leg. The solution – a concrete dress – doesn’t sound as if it will fly. The monument and the concrete hemline solution are both the work of architectural firm Group Atepa headquartered in Senegal. You can see more of their extreme creations here.
Images: Top the proposal. Bottom left the reality and right, Wellington’s lookalike

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