Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Location, location and location

As far as we can tell, everyone in Auckland has spent the last few weeks or so comparing Walters Prize rumours for 2010 and has finally reached some sort of consensus. Do people and artists living outside Auckland have any stake in all this? Probably not, but our advice, if you’re running a South Island bookie and someone comes up with Dan Arps, Saskia Leek, Fiona Connor and Alex Monteith as the finalists, don’t give them long odds against. 

If this selection turns out to be accurate it is certainly sending a strong message to all the public art museums. The time has come to pack your bags and shift your sorry arses onto K Road. Seriously, what have you all been doing for the last two years? Sitting on your thumbs if the Walters’ committee is any judge to go by - same with all the dealers South of Auckland. There are small curry shops and computer stores itching to have you relocate close to Walters hot-spots Ivan Anthony, Two Rooms, Michael Lett and Gambia Castle. Who knows, maybe some of their magic will rub off.
Image: OTN staffer checking out Walters’ short list rumours

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