Monday, April 06, 2009

They might be giants

Have you ever wondered who decides on what goes into those 500 places to see before you die books? We had a chance to find out thanks to a recent visit to Dymocks. There, along with 501 Great Writers: A Comprehensive Guide to the Giants of Literature was 501 Great Artists: A Comprehensive Guide to the Giants of the Art World. Giants? Picasso on the cover, you get the picture.

Would there be any NZ giants? We thought probably not, but what the hell do we know? Turns out there were at least seven including Hodgkins, Hotere, and Webb (all with one page each), Walters and McCahon (half a page each) and Clairmont (one page) ….. say what? Clairmont, a one-page-art-world-giant? We’re long-time Clairmont supporters, but art world giant… where did that come from?

From Nuala Gregory, that’s where and, in answer to your next question, as to who Nuala Gregory is, we can tell you that she is Associate Professor and Head of School at Auckland University’s Elam School of Fine Arts. Nuala is the boss of non-art world giants et al., Peter Robinson and Michael Parekowhai.

Lists always have omissions, and this one leaves out Angus, Mrkusich, Apple and Cotton to name just a few, but half a page for McCahon? Nuala, what were you thinking? … ”oh, sure he’s good, but Clairmont’s the man”
Images: Left, Giant book. Right top full page for Clairmont, bottom (left hand page) McCahon and Walters double-bunk.