Thursday, April 23, 2009

Penny for the guy

Here’s some good Venice news. CNZ has revamped its Venice website and included a blog, details of the two projects, some history, photos of the two artists in shirts from hell, a bit of Latin (Lorem Ipsum etc - it’s not quite finished), Google maps and some great studio shots. So now you can see exactly where the two venues are, what they look like, where they are in relation to everything else and an idea of what's going to be in them.

As you will also see this Venice is definitely not a guy thing. Of the 10 attendants looking after the Judy Millar and Francis Upritchard exhibitions, nine are women. Good luck there Simon.

Well, we asked for information, and here it is. If the first entry in the blog and the current material is representative of what’s coming up it's going to be worth regular visits.
Images: Top to bottom, left to right. In attendance Veronica Green, Robyn Pickens, Julia Holderness, Thomasin Sleigh, Serena Bentley, Marnie Slater, Ariane Craig-Smith, Shelley Jahnke-Bishop and Simon Glaister. (Francis Loeffler not pictured)