Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Go away

We get a good response from any posts about the preparations for Venice and CNZ’s plans. But information is hard to come by. CNZ are sparing with their releases and there’s not exactly active follow-up by the media although Art News is doing a great job. To try and get things moving we asked CNZ the following questions:

1 Is Bic Runga going to Venice to support the art shows?
2 Are Moana and the Moa Hunters going to Venice?
3 What is the "reading room" all about? What sort of furniture is being displayed? and how was it transported to Venice?
4 Where will the opening will be held ie Francis's venue or Judy's or both?
5 What sort of events will be held alongside the Venice exhibitions?
6 How many CNZ staff and associates will be traveling to Venice including Board members?
7 How is the private fund raising going?
8 Can we have a copy of the CNZ Budget for Venice, is that possible?

CNZ’s response?

1 No answer
2 No answer
3 No answer
4 “there will be separate openings at each of the venues, but on the same night and timed to follow one after the other”
5 No answer
6 No answer
7 “Excellent”
8 Maybe after Easter

The answer to question 7 kinda sums up CNZ’s attitude to its interested public. Trite. a second more official version of the CNZ reply is here on OTN Stuff.

We will box on. Any help appreciated.

Image: Greta Garbo, patron Saint of What-Is-It-About-Leave-Me-Alone-You-Don’t-Understand?