Thursday, April 09, 2009

Duck tales

No, this is not a look-alike.

It is a warning to the citizens of Christchurch.

Sometime last Sunday in the Boston Public Garden, one of seven bronze ducklings was cut off at the feet and stolen for scrap. Nancy Schon’s sculpture Make Way for Ducklings has the same informal approach to animal anatomy that the Christchurch Corgis do, so this is a heads-up about any potential copy corgi attempt.

The Boston Ducks, unlike the Christchurch Corgis, have a long history of animal liberation. Individual ducklings have been nabbed in 1987 (shortly after the work was installed), 1988, 1992 and 1999. Only two of the stolen birds were ever returned.

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As we slept Boston's bronze duck was found. You can see a video of the momentous event here.

Images: top, missing duckling Boston. Bottom Christchurch