Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fronting up

If you’re looking for a feisty sign of confidence in an art world scanning the horizon for the rapidly approaching economic storm, get yourself down to the Michael Lett Gallery to see Fiona Connor’s installation Something transparent (please go round the back). The multiple entrances contrived from glass, wood, glue and paint and built across the gallery space could be a vote for or against the future of art dealing. Connor’s repetition feels effortless but real effort is there on display. It is an audacious move by both artist and dealer. There’s also perhaps a sly dig at the dealer system in Connor’s work because as dealers continue to add artists to their lists, anyone can predict the result. The amount of time and energy devoted to each artist is diluted. As Connor shows, when the gallery’s welcoming front entrance is repeated 17 times, it all but fills the space available.
Images: Top, Fiona Connor’s Something transparent (please go round the back). Bottom, left inside out, right outside in.