Monday, February 25, 2008


unvarnished facts, reckless guesswork, insinuations and possible inventions that have arrived at three new zealand artists have been selected for the liverpool biennial. greg burke is to marry canadian artist christine davis. olafur eliasson was recently in new zealand to repair his fountain on alan gibbs’ farm. read about tony oursler’s trip to the farm here. mr mane-wheoki of te papa is to be doctored by his old university in christchurch on 18 april. whangarei is to build a hundertwasser museum which the mayor says will be a catalyst for the city’s regeneration. aaron kreisler has taken over from justin paton in dunedin but the director’s position remains unadvertised. the stolen mccahon cross sold by dunbar sloane is not in te papa-published mccahon database. mike stevenson’s exhibition persepolis 2530, on show in bristol’s arnolfini, gallery was well reviewed by the guardian’s elizabeth mahoney. any missed details, indignant denials or additions gratefully received, and the one with the most outlandish embellishment- rewarded.