Friday, February 15, 2008

Listen up

If you zip over here you can listen to …

Rob Cherry, art consultant: [When I was working there] “there was this talk about having to compete with other forms of entertainment. ‘What are people doing? They’re playing on PlayStations, they’re going to the movies. No-one’s coming to the museum. How can we change that?”’And I just couldn’t believe it. A museum has to provide an alternative to that sort of entertainment, not compete with it.”

Chris Saines, Director of the Auckland Art Gallery: “It’s bringing people into museums who otherwise might not have had cause to go into them.”

Seddon Bennington, CE of Te Papa: “Te Papa has really achieved the best of both worlds.”

… on the link Te Papa Turns Ten. They are discussing ‘Does our national Arts gallery fulfil its role?’ on Kathryn Ryan’s Wednesday edition of Nine to Noon.