Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Starkwhite has pulled the Quinella for this year’s Basel Art Fair. We have already mentioned that SW gallery artist Dane Mitchell has been invited to join the Art Statements exhibition, a selection that was impressive in its own right. Now Starkwhite has been asked to exhibit et al. in Art Unlimited, the über exhibition that runs as part of the Basel Art Fair. Last year’s Art Unlimited included New Zealander Michael Stevenson’s installation Persepolis 2530. Art Unlimited is presented by the Art Fair as “a hall of larger works... and more like an exhibition.” Over the years it has featured many of the world’s leading artists. et al’s. selection comes after Starkwhite director, John McCormack, visited the last Basel Art Fair. Initially selected for the Tripofalifetime tour, McCormack resigned the position and chose to travel on his own dime. CNZ has yet to announce who they intend to fund for this year’s Basel Art Fair.

Images: Top showing the scale of the Art Statements and Art Unlimited exhibition space. Bottom, detail of Michael Stevenson’s installation Persepolis 2530 in Art Unlimited 2007