Wednesday, February 20, 2008


We’d planned to amalgamate the Sweepstake entries, but as this top-five came in what seemed like only seconds after we posted, we decided eagerness should be rewarded.

Michael Parekowhai (with Justin Paton)
Billy Apple (with Tina Barton)
Gavin Hipkins (with Heather Galbraith)
Yvonne Todd (with Robert Leonard)
Bill Hammond (with Justin Paton)

And now, received from CNZ the list of people who will meet to decide who will go to Venice.

Alastair Carruthers (Chair CNZ Arts Council)

Jenny May (CNZ Arts Council)
Jonathan Mane-Wheoki (Director Art and Collection Services Te Papa)
Greg Burke (curator and gallery director)
Jenny Gibbs (art collector and patron)
Jenny Harper (gallery Director)
Robert Jahnke (artist)
Caroline Vercoe (Senior Lecturer, Art History Department, Auckland University)

You might like to compare this list with the panel that selected etal.

Tobias Berger (Gallery Director)
Jenny Gibbs(art collector and patron)
Paula Savage (Gallery Director)Director of City Gallery)
Allan Smith (Lecturer in painting, Auckland University)
William McAloon (curator)
Felicity Milburn (Curator)
Tina Barton (Curator and Senior Lecturer in Art History at Victoria University)