Saturday, February 02, 2008

Report of a Lifetime

By now you will all know that Creative New Zealand has finally come up with a watered-down version of the decision they made after the first time they commissioned a report. So, we will have an official presence at Venice at the next biennale and at future ones so-long-as-some-one-else-pays-for-it. In the meantime we have been plugging away at getting access to the reports of the Tripofalifetime members. The Ombudsman’s Office agreed to follow up our request and asked CNZ to release the documents. CNZ eventually responded, by claiming that their release of the overall report meant there no longer any need (as if they had ever agreed there was a need in the first place!). So we have asked the Ombudsman, and she has agreed, to make the request again. We will keep you posted.