Tuesday, March 29, 2016

One day in Hamilton

Number One:  I’m not at all happy with the Waikato Museum.

Number Two: Me neither.

NO: It’s all very well them storing and showing stuff of historical, scientific, artistic, or cultural interest but, as Gertrude Steam said 'you can be a modem or be a museum, but you can’t be both.'

NT: Classic Steam....

NO: Thing is, it’s all digital now

NT: Ones and zeros ....

NO: Visitors want to be entertained.

NT: Absolutely.

NO: And frankly the word museum doesn't capture the diversity of the venue's collections or the role it plays in the arts community.

NT: No capture at all. None… an absence of capture even

NO: So what we need to do is something really radical.

NT: We could give them more money. Their budget has been frozen for the last five years and ....

NO: Don’t be ridiculous.

NT: ....or we could give them less money, of course.

NO: No. I want something radical, something that will transform the paradigm.

NT: We could get rid of that interactive science place. The Jackson Pollock painting game’s a bit tired … not very exiting … (laughs to himself)

NO: Hmmmm (thinks hard) …radical… rad-i-cal… (thinks harder). I know! We’ll change the name.

And that is what they are going to do.