Wednesday, March 16, 2016


In the raging world of art prices, one of the great media is consistently undervalued. Playing off this Bowerbank Ninow have just published a photography-only catalogue for their next auction. For around the price of a small Colin McCahon drawing you could set the foundations of a very serious photography collection and you wouldn't need to confine yourself to local photographers either. For instance, here’s what you could get for $23,300 based on the high estimate for each work.

Ian Macdonald’s The whale stranding at Muriwai Beach (72)
William Eggleston’s Untitled (Kentucky) (42)
Thomas Ruff’s Anderes Doppelportrait I (39)
Untitled 1974 by Glenn Busch (33)
Gavin Hipkins Untitled (44)
Ans Westra, Lunchtime Concert, Cuba Mall (19)
Frank Hofmann’s untitled photo of a woman blowing smoke (15)
Rhondda Bosworth’s Susy Suzie / another figure study (14)
Datura by Peter Peryer (10)
Marie Shannon’s Indoor Fireworks (7)
Another Frank Hofmann, Diving Tower, Prague (1)

And given that some of them might go under the high estimate, let’s also throw in American artist Mike Kelley’s intriguing Black out (Detroit River), Detail Panel 1 (41)

You can see the full catalogue here.

Image: Untitled (Kentucky) by William Eggleston