Thursday, March 31, 2016

One day in the editorial offices of OTN

Publisher: Our readers are crying out for more juicy behind-the-scenes stories and scandals. They want to be in on the inside.
Senior Editor: We can do that for them. That’s the OTN way.
Junior Editor: I’ve got a great piece on a sex scandal that’s rocking one of our big art museums...
Publisher: I have a conflict of interest there so, forget it.
Features Editor: We could run that story on directors and their plastic surgery mishaps. The photos are amazing.
Illustrations Editor: No, no those close-ups will just put people off.
Senior Editor: Well we have to post something!
Junior Features Writer: How about doing a compilation of our ‘One day in the…’ features?
Senior Editor: Haven’t we done that before?
Senior Researcher: Well, kind of, but not for a few years.
Production Manager: Do you think we’ll get away with it?

They did.

One day in the...
Hamilton council offices
Art Museum Director’s office
Surfboard development office
Architect’s office
Len Lye Trust boardroom
Tattoo studio
Brajolena mansion
Auction house director's office
Director’s office
Cake shop
Dominion Post’s offices
Te Papa Press
The kitchen
TV studio
Offices of J C Crew
Publisher’s office
Offices of Dr Seuss Enterprises
TV studio
Japanese sex toy manufacturers office
Minister’s office
Marketing Department