Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Underground art surfaces

As we mentioned last year, the Fletcher Trust has off-loaded a chunk of its art collection. The reason given was that limited office space had required the company to pull down walls to create open plan office space. In the language of wordmath:

 Now, along with its offices, meeting rooms and foyers, Fletchers also had a rather more exciting space - a James Bond style gallery. It was in the form of a tunnel that went under the road to link two office blocks. Any staff members who scurried from one office across to the other also got to see a large selection of art works in rather spooky conditions. You could have passed by any number of paintings from something by Dick Frizzell to works by Gretchen Albrecht or Dan Arps. You can check out the complete Fletcher collection here. Sadly that unusual experience is now in the past.  The tunnel has been closed with the doors at both ends locked shut. That could mean it’s more art to the block or maybe this time it will go into store or perhaps it will stay exactly where it is sealed like some kind of strange time capsule waiting for the future. You can read more about this unique arty tunnel here in the NZH.

Image: top, the eerie Fletcher tunnel and bottom, a work by Dan Arps seen along the way.