Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Letter perfect

All the acronyms you need to make it in the art world gathered by OTN operatives from a text/tweet trawl.

ILTS   I’m loving the space
BAY   Bought anything yet?
DDTW   Don’t drink the wine
IAOC  Intense application of chiaroscuro (rare)
ISON   I’m so over neon
ITAC   Is there a catalogue?
ITJW   Is that James Wallace?
WIN   What is next?
MYITBS Meet you in the bookstore
NS   Nice shoes
GG Great glasses
OP  Over priced
AYTTM Are you talkin' to me?
WIC   What’s it cost?
WIW  What’s it worth?
WTF   Who’s the friend?

YOLO  Your outfit looks oresome