Thursday, April 25, 2013

Finding gold in the Triennial maze

How do you find out what’s going on at the Auckland Triennial? There seem to be three web sites as well as a Twitter stream and Facebook. Search for the Auckland Triennial 2013 and as you'd expect you get as the number one hit But hang on, it turns out this isn't the site you really need. After a bit of is-this-the-best-we-can get action we literally stumbled on yet another Auckland Triennial website. Not easy to find as it isn’t mentioned on the Auckland Art Gallery site or the main Triennial site either and forget Google. But, if you scroll back to January on the FaceBook page it is mentioned a couple of times (and then never linked to again – they usually link to the other site). This much more informative site is called rather mysteriously triennial.sons. Is it some cunning ploy worked up by marketing? Will Triennial and Sons fool us all by stepping up and stepping out when we least expect it? In the meantime you can check it out and bookmark it here.