Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Frieze...it's Fiona

Frieze … it’s Fiona. The Frieze Art Fair is one of the two or three top fairs and it's held annually both in London and in New York. Today many dealer galleries make a significant part of their turnover from these fairs so competition to be included is fierce. In addition to the usual booths, talks and related exhibitions this year’s Frieze in New York also promises an outdoor sculpture park featuring major works by artists like Franz West (Gagosian Gallery), Paul McCarthy (Hauser & Wirth), Pae White (Andrew Kreps) and Fiona Connor (Hopkinson Cundy). Tom Eccles, who was previously Director of the New York City Public Art Fund, made the selection of 12 sculptors. Fiona Connor's contribution will be following on from her exhibition in Auckland where she installed a number of works in a field and duplicated them in the gallery. We’ll post photos of what she's come up with when we visit the fair in a couple of weeks.
Images: Fiona Connor’s work photographed at night (don’t ask) in a field somewhere in Mangere from the exhibition Mount Gabriel, Ruby and Ash