Tuesday, August 14, 2012

One day at the TV studio

Producer 1: I was at an art gallery yesterday.
Producer 2: Really!
P1: Yes, I was getting out of the rain. But I did see the most incredible thing.
P2 What?
P1: There was this young blonde behind the desk and she completely ignored me…even when I told her who I was.
P2: You’re kidding
P1: Then, can you believe this, she answered the phone said, “it’s 3.5 million dollars.” And yawned.
P2: Yawned? She actually yawned?
P1: Absolutely. And I thought, what a great reality tv show that would make.
P2: Blondes yawning?
P1: No, young women trying to make it in the art world as dealers.
P2: You've lost me
P1: OK, let's go through it step-by-step. One, they're all great looking. Two, they're blonde. I did mention that didn't I??
P2: Yes... and?
P1: And they'll be doing cool stuff, like going round the city looking at artist studios
P2: In high heels?
P1: Absolutely in high heels, wobbling around and making funny comments about getting paint on their Pradas, doing photo shoots with hot young artists and going to great parties with celebrities. Like, you know, learning how hard life can be and, how whatever, friends are the most important thing of all.
P2: And they'll do all this without going on and on about art will they?
P1: Well they'll have to do some art talk... just enough to give the show some edge.
P2: We’d need a hot series name for the show. Something that subtly puts together the fact that they're girls and that they're going to try and run a gallery.
P1: I'm thinking .... Gallery Girls?
P2: I've said it before, and now I'll say it again. You’re a genius.
Image: Gallery Girls starts screening today on the Bravo channel in the US. The cast from left to right Chantal, Claudia, Kerri  Liz, Maggie, Amy and Angela. Join them on Facebook

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