Friday, August 10, 2012

Gow Langsford finishes its first quarter

We've just heard that the Gow Langsford Gallery is 25 years old today. That's got to be a good thing and not an easy one when you look at the dealer gallery record. They have certainly given us some great exhibition experiences over the years.

Here's a brief history from them.

 "The gallery was established in a converted gas station in the Auckland suburb of Grey Lynn in 1987. The premises added new meaning to the expression that it was started on the smell of an oily rag. Although not entirely humble beginnings (oysters were served at the grand opening) the gallery reportedly almost didn’t get off the ground. Just weeks after the opening the share market crashed; a turbulent event that would, years on, prove to be just one of many art market hurdles to overcome. Yet more than 400 exhibitions, seven gallery spaces, twenty-odd art fairs, a seemingly innumerable number of artists and staff, a few weddings and one funeral later - this month Gow Langsford is celebrating a landmark twenty five years."

Image: the first Gow Langsford gallery in Grey Lynn, now a Buddhist Centre we think.(Pic Gow/Langsford)