Friday, September 20, 2013

The night watch

If you've been to the Gregory Crewdson exhibition at Wellington’s City Gallery, you'll have probably figured out the close relationship between Crewdson‘s imagery and the paintings of Edward Hopper. Crewdson himself talks of Hopper’s “ideas of beauty, theatricality, sadness, rootlessness and desire.” We've previously posted on Hopper’s influence on the movies but taking up the beauty and sadness theme in lookalike mode, some riffs on Hopper’s most famous work Nighthawks.
Images: Top to bottom left to right, Nighthawks recreations in NY’s Flatiron building and in Star Trek, LEGO and The Simpsons. Wim Wenders does a homage in his 1997 movie End of violence. The New Yorker covers Hopper and CSI fills the diner with bodies