Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Lapping it up

While we’ve all been sleeping Brent has raked in $13,000 in a hard-fought art contest that included (no secrets here) Jamie, Jenny, Patti, Ripley and Cheetah. The last name probably got you thinking this is a painting cat story of the large cat variety but no, it’s just another painting chimp post. The interesting (ok, mildly interesting) thing about Brent is that it has taken him 37 years to crack a first prize despite practically inventing the use of the tongue in the painting process. In fact Brent only paints with his tongue and does most of his work at Chimp Haven, a national sanctuary for creative animals retired from federal ‘research’.
Image: art by Brent brought to you by the blog who was too classy to call this post 'Give me some tongue'

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