Thursday, September 19, 2013

Data roaming

Here’s an odd journey taken by the work of one of NZ's artists. The Pulitzer Hotel in Rome has been applauded for its savvy interiors by design magazines all over the world and the photographs certainly show how bold patterns have been used to break up spaces and lend visual punch to the public spaces.

But wait a minute. That supersize work over there behind the white couch looks familiar. Could it really be a koru painting by Gordon Walters? Well, no. For a start we reckon it's around 2.5 x 2 meters, far larger than anything Walters did (his large paintings usually being around 1.5 x 1.2 meters). And then even more tellingly it looks pretty much the same as Auckland Art Gallery’s Walters' painting from 1981 Maheno albeit slightly modified at the top. So a photo-print, possibly on canvas. Thanks internet.

If you still have any doubts check out the Hotel Pulitzer in Rome’s site where a recent “70s-style design reinterpreted with a modern twist” refurbishment by Spanish interior designer Rosa-Violan is noted. “A common thread throughout the hotel is the artwork. All works have been produced by Rosa-Violan …. Usually framed in burnished brass, the simplistic style has a largely geometric and abstract flavour following in the footsteps of the Gio Ponti school and the Futurist art of post-war Italy.” Make that post-war New Zealand too.


Images: The lobby of the Hotel Pulitzer in Rome with the ‘Walters' painting behind the couch. (Thanks for the heads-up H)