Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Crowded house

When we suggested a while back that every curator and his dog in NZ had put in a name for the next Venice Biennale we were right. Twenty of them have submitted expressions of interest. The dog’s proposal wasn’t accepted so only 19 have gone through to proposal stage and word in Auckland is that at least three of them come from the Auckland Art Gallery.

The selection panel has also been announced. This time it has grown.  Ten members as opposed to, say, six in 2011. There are two artists, the patrons have secured two spots for the first time, Creative NZ has four (even though it’s double counting we’re including one of the patrons who is the previous CNZ Chair), and three from art institutions. 

They are:
Judy Millar, Artist
Brett Graham, Artist
Dayle Mace, Patron
Alastair Carruthers, Patron
Dick Grant (Arts Council Chairman) Chair
Anne Rush, Board of Arts Council
Helen Kedgley, Board of Arts Council
Heather Galbraith (2015 Commissioner) Head of School of Art at College of Creative Arts, Massey University
Blair French, Assistant Director, Curatorial & Digital, Museum of Contemporary Art Australia
Caterina Riva, Director, Artspace

So a big change of philosophy as to size and composition.  In the meantime, OTN is pushing ahead trying to get you the names of the proposal teams.