Thursday, March 22, 2012

Statue of limitations

When the world of lookalikes meets giant-sculpture land, Turkish artist Serkan Özkaya is King. Last week his nine-meter high (twice the size of the original) replica of Michelangelo’s David titled David (inspired by Michelangelo) was trucked to Manhattan. It had travelled from its home in the 21c Museum (it claims to be ‘North America's first museum dedicated 'solely to collecting and exhibiting contemporary art of the 21st century') in Louisville, Kentucky to the Big Apple. Apparently Özkaya’s first attempt at super-sizing David came apart at the seams (literally). Dave is to star at the Storefront for Art and Architecture’s exhibition DOUBLE [copies, fakes and replicas]. Naturally.

Images: Left, the original minutes before collapse and right, David takes Manhattan