Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cat’s eye

Even with the shortage of customised art-making equipment, animals have managed to pump out a very respectable product. Take the efforts of those damn talented animal artists Cholla, Milo, and Cooper, for example. But still one of the critical problems for animal art remains appropriate equipment. The trunk and the paintbrush are not natural companions any more than the paw and the chisel. 

In France a small team has been working away at this gap in the market particularly as it pertains to cats wanting to become involved with film making and conceptual video work. They have recently broken through what is known in their trade as TOTP (The Opposable Thumb Problem) and developed a video camera for cat (and potentially dog, tiger, armadillo, antelope etc. etc.) artists. 

The camera simply hangs around the artist’s neck and records scenes as per the storyboard or whatever it is that cats and so forth use to organise their shooting schedules. You can read more here and see a sample video here.
 Images: sample scenes shot by an anonymous cat artist