Wednesday, March 28, 2012


unvarnished facts, reckless guesswork, insinuations and possible inventions that have arrived at • a space has been finalised for bill culbert's venice biennale exhibition and becomes nz’s sixth different venue in the canal city • pbrf (performance based research fund) frenzy has struck the universities with the art schools vying for their staff to be 'A' listed as money-magnets • auckland art gallery looks like it will do the annual-atrium-art thing after all • alan gibbs has won the biggest-standing-upright-tall sculpture competition with a very tall sculpture by french artist bernar venet • the walters prize finalists have been decided so let’s hope the auckland art gallery announces the names soon before they become more common knowledge (our current estimate of knowledge-holders here) • any missed details, indignant denials or additions gratefully received, and any that makes us laugh out loud rewarded with an overthenet painting horse badge.