Thursday, November 25, 2010

The whole point

It’s been a year since we last reported on David Cauchi who chose to live his experience at Massey's School of Fine Arts on his blog Pointless and Absurd. When we left him he had been accepted for a post-graduate honours course and we can now inform you he completed with an A- despite sorely testing the institution. 

His finals exhibition challenged the staff to fail him although his blog shows you how to get through honours. In June his supervisors were unimpressed - “I think it is patchy, fairly thinly attended to“ - but, by the end of the year they had resigned themselves and accepted it for assessment, albeit with the hilarious suggestion, “you might like to consider a number of other ways common-sense nihilism could expand its horizons.”

Now our ‘intertemporal avant-garde artist’ has been invited into the Masters programme at Massey. As he has also managed a couple of dealer shows this year, it's hard to see how he can avoid his worst nightmare, ending up as a lecturer at Massey University. The circle will be complete.