Friday, November 05, 2010


Cubism is where you find it and this time it was found by OTN reader H (thanks H) on the floor of a train (don’t ask). Cubism crushed into the carpet, why not? This sound bite from Colin McCahon, our own latter day Cubist, in his Beginnings piece for Landfall in 1966 shows the floor was up for it inspiration-wise when it came to Cubism. (Thanks for that W).

“Some time, I don’t quite know when, out for a Sunday visit with the family, I discovered Cubism. This world was one I felt I already knew and was at home in. And so I was, as by this time the Cubists’ discoveries had become a part of our environment. Lampshades, curtains, linoleums, decorations in cast plaster: both the interiors and exteriors of homes and commercial buildings were influenced inevitably by this new magic.”
You can see McCahon’s lookalike to H’s Cubist revelations here.