Wednesday, November 03, 2010

By the numbers

.5       The number of years the temporary exhibition featuring photographer Brian Brake will fill the space formerly allocated to the display of Te Papa’s collection of contemporary art

2        The number of days the dole of artist Tao Wells was suspended

5.3     The number of dollars in millions that Mick Jagger’s second wife Jerry Hall got for her art collection at auction

10       The number of gallery locations Larry Gagosian has opened worldwide 

11.5     The percentages of stories on the visual arts published over the last two months on the CNZ’s website news column

13        The number of sculptures on display in the Ron Mueck exhibition

81        The number of things that piss off Christchurch art writer Andrew Paul Woods

636     The cost in dollars for Damien Hirst to sign one of his publications

1,275,055     The number of visitors per year to Te Papa

1,109,678     The number of visitors per year to the Christchurch Art Gallery and Christchurch Museum combined