Friday, November 12, 2010

Shock corridor II

It took a while for the laughter to subside when they called the trash corridor that goes between Wellington’s Cuba Mall and Victoria Street The Left Bank. Apparently this space is owned by half a million different Body Corps that are incapable of getting their collective shit together to tidy the place up and make it look a little less like 1950s Singapore on a bleak day. But now it appears that the Left Bank vibe has been just simmering beneath the surface. 

The other day when we went into the Robert Heald Gallery there was art in every direction we looked. OK, Robert had the kind we were most interested in, but there was something for everyone including live tagging in the graffiti encrusted tunnel that gets you to Ghuznee Street and a live artist actually working away on a canvas in The Seine Gallery (they got the Left Bank thing) a few doors down from RH.

Images: Incompetent photography by our OTN stringer. Left top graffiti artists as seen from the Robert Heald Gallery, bottom left, looking into Georgie Hill’s exhibition Protective Colouration at Robert Heald. Right, a customer at the Seine Gallery obscures the artist working on his easel.