Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Price you pay

Mentioning Neil Dawson yesterday reminded us that while Kermit the Frog might well have thought it was not easy being green, try being a Wellington icon and see how you fare. Since its installation in 1998 Neil Dawson’s Ferns has suffered a number of indignities in the service of Wellington’s PR efforts. We have already posted a couple here and here. This time round Ferns gets a pair of Phil Price ears for its troubles or are they (please dear God no) arms? This forced collaboration is teetering on top of another image familiar to anyone who has followed Dawson’s work – the expanding ripple of a water droplet used in his 1987 work Ripples outside the Waikato Museum. To make matters worse design-wise, these images rise up in a spooky way from a phone that looks like it was designed by Barney Rubble. As they say, Wellington - Creative Capital.