Thursday, November 26, 2009


In the new academic “whatever” culture, it was probably pointless to expect the authors of the Mrkusich book Alan Wright and Edward Hanflin to do anything about the exhibition list they included at the back of their book. In spite of caveats “… not intended as a catalogue raisonné or complete biography…” the authors could assume this will be the Mrkusich book of record for at least 20 years (going by what usually happens and their own bleak narrative of Mrkusich publishing). And yet they have done nothing to remedy their vanishing of a dozen exhibitions at the Peter McLeavey Gallery that included Milan Mrkusich. The publisher AUP, although initially interested – “What’s the story on this just so I know?” –has also slumped into “whatever” mode. No erratum for Milan.

Here, for the record (even given the ephemeral nature of blogging) are the Mrkusich exhibitions dropped from those listed in Alan Wright and Edward Hanflin’s book Mrkusich: the art of transformation.

Unrecorded Solo shows at the Peter McLeavey Gallery:
1974 Recent paintings 27 August to 13 September
1979 Works from 1949 26 June to 13 July
1984 Recent paintings 8 May to 24 May
1986 Recent paintings 27 May to 21 June
1987 Works 1946-1984 7 July to 25 July
1988 Four 1988 works on paper 15 November to 3 December
1990 Two large paintings and five works on paper 16 October to 10 November

Unrecorded Group shows at the Peter McLeavey Gallery:
1980 Group show 6 December to 24 December
1981 Group show 5 December to 24 December
1982 Group show 7 December to 24 December
1984 Warren Viscoe, Colin McCahon and Milan Mrkusich 25 September to 13 October
1989 Jacqueline Fraser, Warren Viscoe, Milan Mrkusich March