Wednesday, November 25, 2009


How often does public sculpture hit the headlines? OK, quite often in OTN we admit (105 stories and counting), but yesterday the Dominion Post went the final yard and slapped up public sculpture on its banner headline. The story, in fact, only featured the possibility of a public sculpture, which just goes to show how powerful the medium has become. What is it with all the bronze guys (they are virtually all guys, including potential Wal and potential Dog)? There was a time when cartoon characters like Wal and Co. would have been supersized in fibreglass, but no more. Now it looks like they are in for the same treatment we once saved for heroes like Scott of the Antarctic, royals like Victoria or politicians like Sir Keith. Still there is a precedent (for the dog anyway) in a life-sized bronze sheepdog (thanks David) at Lake Tekapo down South.