Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Dream on

Another great Dali moment from YouTube. This time it’s the dream sequence Dali designed for Hitchcock’s movie Spellbound in 1942. Hitchcock outsourced the job to a B Grade movie company Monogram. The initial version was not up to it as far as über producer David O. Selznick was concerned. "It is not Dali's fault, for his work is much finer and much better for the purpose than I ever thought it would be. It is the photography, set-ups, lighting, et cetera, all of which is about what you would expect from Monogram." The final version was created by the great silent film director William Cameron Menzies. Never one for subtlety, Dali makes a blatant reference to Un Chien Andalou with a large pair of scissors cutting an eye shape painted on a curtain. For a full on Dali film festival, YouTube style, go here.