Monday, October 01, 2007

All the rest have 31, excepting February

Over the past 30 days we: said goodbye to Stephen Birch, watched Dunedin Public Art Gallery lose Priscilla Pitts and Justin Paton, noted CNZ’s continuing indifference to the visual arts, made our own Paul McCarthy sculpture, did a bit of quick and dirty popular art history, said “enough with the skulls already”, learnt to count to two by numbering Te Papa FAQs on the visual arts, took our lifestyle column to sea, praised the Auckland Art Gallery (that’s right – praised), puzzled over Billy Apple, used an apology to sneak in a wax work of the Bay Watch team, scooped the Ruth Watson “clean-up” story, bitched about failing public art museum shows still having long runs, mocked the Webb’s online catalogue, and did it all in that order and all for you.

Image: September. Les très riches heures du Duc de Berry, painted by the Limbourg brothers.