Friday, September 07, 2007

Your tax dollars at work

This link takes you to at a page where you can download Creative New Zealand’s annual recurrent funding for 2008. You will remember that when we looked at the composition of the Board of CNZ we found that of the seven members, three had a specific interest in music, two in theatre, three in dance and…oh that’s right...none in the fine arts. So how did music, dance and theatre go? This is broad-brush, but you’ll get the picture.

Of the total $15 million distributed:

  • 31.5 per cent went to theatre
  • 39 percent went to music
  • 8 percent to dance
  • 1.3 percent to craft

The fine arts received the following:
  • Artists Alliance $130,000
  • Artspace $320,000
  • Moving Image Centre $300,000
  • The Physics Room Trust $166,720
That’s around 6 percent.

Image: The first picture that comes up when you Google “Your tax dollars at work.” (Image reversed to suit New Zealand road conditions). And yes, we don’t include Arts Access Aotearoa in the fine arts figure, but if we had it would have been bumped up 2 percent. The Artist Alliance is included to be nice.