Monday, September 10, 2007

Newsflash. Diana not dead!

The Diana camera was made by Hong Kong’s Great Wall Plastic Factory in the 60s and went out of production over 25 years ago. This is the camera that Peter Peryer used briefly in 1975 to take evocative images like the one above from his Mars Hotel portfolio. Now the people at Lomography intend to bring the Diana back into production. The moody, dark-haloed pictures that the Diana creates are right in the zone for Lomography fans and will give similar results to their popular Holga camera. Apparently they are putting a few new features on the new Diana including a 4 F stop (whatever that means) and a removable lens, so you can take pin-hole camera shots. Apart from these enhancements, the camera will look pretty much like the original, pictured above.
Images: Left, Peter Peryer’s Divided House from Mars Hotel. Right, the original Diana camera