Wednesday, September 19, 2007

All at sea

Our Lifestyle section reporters are currently working on an article about art world people and their launches, yachts and any other craft. Any help appreciated. In the meantime some essential information for all those who love the sea. Kim Kavin, editor of has this useful information about looking after the art work on board your craft. Kim’s article begins with a story about rock superstar Lenny Kravitz who recently redecorated his Magnum 60. Here’s Kim. “Clean white fabrics now rest where cow prints once blared, a white mink comforter slathers the bed, and just a hint of gray peeks through the white shag carpeting that oozes about five inches off the sole.

“Only one piece of artwork adorns the bulkheads inside the stark, minimalist interior: a gold-framed Joan Miro that stands about 10-by-12 inches, around the same size as some of the artist's $30,000 unframed canvases. Kravitz's piece is tucked behind glass in his yacht's saloon, which is just a few steps down from a wide open door to the sun, sand and salt air.”

As Kim says, “No matter what style of display boaters choose, art is meant to be enjoyed. Sun and seawater are formidable opponents, but they're not insurmountable obstacles.” You can read the full, informative article here.