Friday, August 17, 2007

One man standing

This photo taken in the early nineties turned up the other day. Of the four people in it, three were pretty central to servicing what was going on in contemporary art at the time. Greg Flint exhibited Michael Parekowhai, Ronnie van Hout, Michael Stevenson, Julia Morison and many others. Barnard McIntyre was in a number of exhibitions including Robert Leonard’s Exhibits at the National Art Gallery, Cyril (Squirrel) Wright dominated the art packing and transport business including the tour of Te Maori to the United States, and George Hubbard, curator and art dealer, was curator of the contemporary Maori art exhibition Choice and Brownie Points. A decade later only one of them is still in the same business, and he’s changed his name! The photo was taken in The Strand in Parnell where Gregory Flint had his gallery.
Image: From left to right: Gregory Flint, Barnard McIntyre, Squirrel Wright and George Hubbard.