Thursday, August 30, 2007


For all of you who have been on tenterhooks waiting to know how many PhDs-who-make-art the Elam Art School intend graduating a year, here is the answer we received from Auckland University yesterday.
“The University of Auckland’s goal of achieving 800 masters and 500 PhD completions per annum as of 2012 is an aspirational target that reflects the University’s shift towards research and its commitment to retaining its strong international ranking as a research-led tertiary institution. Currently, the University achieves around 200 doctoral completions per annum.
On average in each of the past three years, approximately 46 postgraduate diplomas, masters and Doctor of Fine Arts have been awarded by Elam.
Next year the Elam School of Fine Arts is aiming to enrol around 30 masters students and up to three new doctoral candidates. At any one time the doctoral programme of Elam or Doctor of Fine Arts degree (DocFA) will have around 15 candidates enrolled.”
Image: Art School Confidential